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Handmade and handpicked

unika:k has existed since 2010. From the beginning, we have taken great pride in choosing and finding beautiful and different ceramics for you, which can be purchased on our webshop. We personally know all the artists for whom we sell ceramics, and this is a knowledge we greatly value.

We've loved handmade ceramics and other crafts with a story for as long as we can remember. For us, it is something very special that you can see traces of the handmade process on the product/ceramic. It could be, for example, rings in the ceramics from the lathe. It shows that there is a person behind it. We have long lived by the motto that 'less is more'. As often as possible, we would rather buy one good thing (rather than, for example, getting 4 cheaper for the same price). Because we know that we will be happier for the one quality purchase and it will therefore last longer and we will eliminate the 'throw away' culture. And that is also the philosophy behind the things we have on the webshop. Everything is handmade and therefore more expensive of course. But we support the craft and the people behind it who spend a lot of time on every single thing.

Behind every ceramic thing, there are several years of practice!

At unika:k, you will only find ceramics that are handmade with care and soul by the most skilled ceramicists - both Danish and foreign. They are driven by the craft itself. Innovation, high quality and beautiful design have the highest priority in their work. We love that. In fact, it is pure love. And it has been ever since the first handmade cup was purchased from a potter in Rønne. Since then, more have been added. Quite a lot actually... But true love lasts, and over the years we (unika:k) have only been confirmed that this also applies to our love for originality, thoughtfulness, sustainability and personality in the ceramics we have.

Everyone has a favorite cup! The coffee and tea just taste better in a beautiful cup. The cup deserves to be appreciated, as the cup is with us every day at work and at home. When, for example, on a cold winter's day we warm ourselves around a cup of hot cocoa and a good book in hand... when we work in front of the computer with the cup by our side with the warm aroma of coffee or hot tea... when we are gathered with our family and friends and enjoying ourselves around a cup of coffee or tea ... when important client meetings are held in a professional and stylish office environment, where it is essential what you signal ... when you are nicely set up for festive events ... when you wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and breakfast in bed ... etc. .

We appreciate knowing the story behind the cup, bowl, vase etc., which gives the ceramics a very special value in the home. A cup is not just a cup! We all have the cup in our hand several times every single day. The joy of holding a completely unique cup that speaks to our senses is completely special and provides a fantastic experience in the small pleasant moments during the day.