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Terra Ceramica pinch cup with text, Hello beauty, you are loved - cream

Sale price295,00 kr

Very beautiful and special cup that makes you want to drink coffee from day after day. It is glazed in white and with hand-decorated black dots. Super nice cup to hold in the hand. No two cups are exactly alike. The shape and design make this cup something very special.
In the cup it says (top, outside): Hello beauty. And at the bottom of the cup it says: You are loved

cream, decorated with black dots and text

Production: handmade

Material: stoneware

Contents: approx. 3 dl

Height: approx. 6 cm

Width: approx. 9 cm (without the handle)

Important information about the cup: The bottom of the cup is flat and therefore stands very 'stable' on the table. The bottom (on the outside) is not glazed like the rest of the cup. The rough surface on the bottom also means that the cup does not slide, but stands stable. However, it can happen that this unglazed (on the outside) base causes condensation on the table when there is something hot in the cup. This is not due to a leak in the cup and is not a fault with the cup.

Dishwasher : We recommend washing the cup by hand