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Marinski Heartmades latte cup Landscape - serenity (centre colors)

Sale price249,00 kr

2 BACK. Very beautiful cup that makes you happy :) The color combination and the gold line that connects the colors are inspired by the admiration of nature, which is why the cup is also called 'Landscape'. The cup is handmade by Marinski Heartmades. Ceramicist Marina Marinski is behind this family-run company, which is from Croatia. We have several cups, in other beautiful color combinations, from this potter in the shop. When we discovered her ceramic universe a few years ago - during corono - we immediately fell in love with her beautiful 'mood' cups

There is a 'sprinkling' of dark small dots on one side of the cup

The finish on the cup with colors and gold lines is also handmade, which is why they vary from cup to cup.

Colour: white cup with colors around the cup in blue and purple and a gold line all around. The colors are in the center of the cup. There is a 'sprinkling' of dark small dots on one side of the cup

Production: hand-made, hand-decorated, glazed inside and out (except for the bottom of the cup, on which the cup 'stands' - read below)

Important info about the cup: The bottom (on the outside of the cup) is not completely flat. The cup curves slightly at the bottom, so that it is easier to put on and take off the table. It also stands stable on the table. The cup is glazed in the center of the base (outermost), but not on the 'ring' which has 'contact' with the table. This rough surface also means that the cup does not slide, but stands stable. However, it can happen that when this 'circle/ring' is unglazed (on the outside), some condensation can sometimes form on the table when hot drinks are in the cup. This is not due to a leak in the cup and is not a fault with the cup.

Dishwasher : No. Due to the gold on the cup, it is best to wash it by hand to keep the gold line as nice as possible

Material: white stone clay. Colored and transparent glaze. (food/drink safe)

Width: approx. 8 cm

Height: approx. 9 cm

Contents : almost 3 dl