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Tasja P coffee cup with handle - white and yellow

Sale price340,00 kr

ONLY 1 IN STOCK PT. This stylish cup is designed and hand-turned by ceramist Tasja P ceramics. The cup is in the rustic stoneware and the slightly rough look is nicely combined with the unique, soft glaze. The glaze inside is the most beautiful yellow color with light tones at the edge. And on the white (off white) glaze on the outside you can beautifully see the stoneware clay underneath the glaze. Very, very delicious cup.

It goes well with both tea and coffee

Colour: off white with small chips and yellow glaze inside, which runs a little at the edge

Manufacture: hand-turned cup with handle

Material: stoneware clay

Contents: approx. 2 dl

Height: approx. 5 cm

Width: approx. 9-10 cm

Dishwasher safe : YES