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Alexandra Nilasdotter


Read about Swedish ceramicist Alexandra Nilasdotter

What is your educational background? 
Right now im a student at The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Art, Ceramics on Bornholm and before that Formakademin - Ceramics and östra Grevie Folkhögskola - ceramics and glass in Sweden.

Why did you want to become a ceramicist?
I have been creative my whole life, but I don't really know how I got into ceramics as a material. Working with my hands and shaping a material has always been a strong force. 
What inspires you?
My inspiration is gathered from Scandinavian and Japanese design, nature, but also architecture. It is of most importance that the materials and lines in my objects are close to earth and that the shapes are determined in their expression. 
What are the most important values to display in your objects?
For me simplicity, minimalism and purity are of most importance together with the raw texture of the clays surface and the softness of the glaze.

I find my drive in the technical and artistic challenges. Also in the clays sensitivity and strength and I try to strain the limits of what you go do and try to get to know different clays and materials. I constantly want to learn new things and move forward with the drive from my curiosity and will to achieve my goals. 
Are you a 'fan' of any designers or designs in particular?
I don't have any 'idol'. I don't get inspired by other ceramicists, more of nature and architecture.
Describe your workplace – ”the home of your ceramics”.
I'm currently a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and therefore work in their workshop in Bornholm. My workspace here is like a small factory. Everything has its place and it is always very clean where I work.  
How is the process around your moonbox?
I throw and cast in porcelain and stoneware which I colour with oxides or engobes whereafter they are fired in an electric oven. 
How long does it take to design a new product?
It's hard to say, - it is always different. But first I have an idea that I sketch on paper and in clay. Then I make prototypes, glaze samples and work until I have a product that I'm happy about.  
How do you produce environmentally friendly?
I recycle all the clay and try to work with pure materials with less toxins and lower environmental impact. I make things of high quality that will last long, both in terms of durability and trends. I try to make timeless design that can outlive timebound aesthetics.